About Us

The Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ACAN) was established in 2034 with a non-profit objective. ACAN believes in promoting knowledge and creating awareness of the changes taking place in the economy by organizing workshops, seminars and talk programs of professional interest to help the professionals and members of this association to be competitive in the business arena. ACAN aims at developing, promoting, protecting the accounting profession, making its members united, and protecting their interest.

Our Mission

The Association of Chartered Accountant of Nepal is a professional society dedicated to the promotion of the highest accounting, auditing and ethical standards in the country and to capacity building of members and accounting professionals.

Our Vision

Provide graduates and members with the latest developments in accountancy such as updated international standards.

  • Assist ICAN and Nepal Government for formulating the Accounting and Auditing Standards
  • Work for the globalization of accounting concepts and information by discussing them in various forums of members.
  • Organize workshops, conferences and seminars in Nepal through which accounting knowledge can be disseminated.
  • Actualization of Dreams of professional
  • Fairness to all Members
  • Representation in matters related to accounting profession in the country


The objective of ACAN is

  • To advice Nepal government and other bodies in the economic, financial, industrial and business policies and regulations.
  • To develop consultancy services related to accounting profession.
  • To provide educational services and training to develop the accounting profession
  • To work for development of professional and ethical values in members
  • Develop and facilitate the circulation and exchange of academic and professional knowledge among accountants and professionals by organizing conferences, meetings, seminars, training courses and academic gatherings in addition to encouraging scientific and professional research.
  • To publish/ circulate newspaper & magazines to support the objective of association
  • Enhance the profession of accountancy, auditing and other related fields as applied and used in the various professional services provided by accountants in all sectors including industry, commerce or public service throughout the country.
  • Protect and maintain professional independence of accountants, and implement professional supervision standards over them as a means of advancing the professions of accounting and auditing.
  • To strengthen the cordial and professional relationship in between the members
  • To represent in the government or non government entities to protect the professional interest of members and accounting profession.